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Welcome to the UKWebAd Motorbike Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Motorbike Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 1859604269

This is the one book every prospective British bike buyer should read before he/she buys! It's extremely practical and honest about these wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) machines, and written with immense knowledge, wisdom and humour, by a man who is immense - er, immensely experienced in riding (and sometimes pushing) the machines of our dreams (and nightmares). Pity it doesn't have any colour pics, except on the cover, but buy Classic Bike Guide every month for them - and no, I'm not his son/father/accountant/publisher, just yer average British bike nut who recognises a quality publication when he sees it. I suppose I ought to read it one day... Only kidding, Frank! It really is a brilliant book, and I thoroughly and unreservedly recommend it!

ISBN 0789416158

The manufacturer's owner's manual assumes more knowledge than you really have, and encourages you to get professional maintenance for all but the most routine matters. But if you love your motorcycle (and who doesn't?), you want to take good care of it. Here's where Mr. Wilson's guide is valuable. It simply explains keeping your motorcyle clean and safe. It also provides good background on how motorcycles are designed and the parts work. Even if you never plan to do any repairs, you will find this interesting. The photographs are very clear and detailed, and allow you to see what he is talking about.

ISBN 0887409474

ISBN 185960868X

Following on from "The Bike Book" and "The Car Book", this illustrated volume provides a comprehensive reference for motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, and is aimed in particular at those who are new to the biking scene. It should also be useful to anyone contemplating buying their first motorcycle. It features advice on how to choose a bike, and hints on how to pass the motorcycle test and obtain a licence. It discusses basic motorcycle maintenance, and there is information on suitable clothing, security, accessories, tyres, looking after a bike and getting to know a bike's engine and chassis. The text is illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams.

ISBN 8879113445

In the first section, this book examines the physical phenomena that make handling and control of the motorcycle possible. Covering traditional geometrical parameters such as trial, centre of gravity height and wheelbase length and also less familiar topics relating, for example, to aerodynamic factors and tyres. All of these aspects work together to determine the overall dynamic behaviour of the bike. The second, more informal part describes the main components of the motorcycle. The engine, the frame and the suspension are considered according to their specific working principles and to the way each integrates into the total system of the bike. Comparisons with the world of cars help to make the content even more interesting by highlighting some fundamental differences between the dynamic behaviour of the two types of vehicle.

ISBN 1884313418

Popular motorcycle journalist and author Mark Zimmerman brings a comfortable, conversational tone to his easy-to-understand explanations of how motorcycles work and how to maintain them and fix them when they don't. This practical tutorial covers all brands and styles of bikes, making it a perfect companion to the owner's service manual whether you need to use the step-by-step instructions for basic maintenance techniques to wrench on your bike yourself or just want to learn enough to become an informed customer at your local motorcycle service department. This book includes more than 500 colour photos and a thorough index to make it an especially user-friendly reference for home motorcycle mechanics of all skill levels.

ISBN 011341143X

With input from police riders, trainees and civilian experts, this work is designed for police trainees and other riders concerned with getting the best from their machines. It gives information on safe and effective methods of riding a bike. This edition reflects changes in advice and in regulations, and includes illustrations to explain the importance of correct positioning and hazard awareness, a chapter on motorway riding, and notes of main learning points and reviews and questions for each chapter.

ISBN 0750618051

This classic has been completely updated for the second edition. John Robinson, the Technical Editor of Performance Bikes', explains how various stages of engine tune are reached, and describes typical development work with enough theory to devise a practical development programme. The phenomena described are all known to work - the trick is making them all work together. Engine development is slow and expensive, but the results can be very rewarding, both in competition and in the sheer pleasure of using a motor which is crisp and perfectly set up. Although it is not possible to make all-round engine improvements, other than those gained by careful assembly to the exact stock tolerances, improvements in one area can be traded' for losses in another: increases in high-speed power balanced perhaps against losses in low-speed power, engine flexibility and reliability. John Robinson takes the reader through the processes which are necessary to make your four-stroke run perfectly.

ISBN 075061840X

This third edition, in the same tradition as the second, is a vital servicing tool containing information covering virtually every motorcycle over 50cc sold in the UK since 1980. The author is technical editor of `Performance Bikes' and author of the well known `Motorcycle Tuning' books. The book provides access to the most frequently used data for dealers, mechanics and enthusiasts who have to deal with a wide variety of machines and wish to compare the features of different models. A seperate section lists conversion tables, standard torque settings for threaded fasteners, tyre size codes, tyre speed and load schedules and addersses of importers. Machines are listed alphabetically by manufacturer and then in order of capacity or model number.

ISBN 075061806X

In this well established book, now brought up to date in a second edition, the Technical Editor of `Performance Bikes' shows you how to evaluate your engine, how to assess what work you can undertake yourself, and what is best left to a specialist. The great attraction of the two-stroke is its enormous potential, contrasted with its appealing simplicity. Armed with little more than a set of files, you can make profound changes to the output power of a two-stroke. But these changes will increase the
power only if you know what you are doing. `Motor Cycle Tuning (Two-stroke)' will therefore guide you through the necessary stages which can enable a stock roadster engine can be turned into a machine capable of winning open-class races, for an outlay which is positively low by racing standards.

ISBN 0132258897

This updated edition presents state-of-the-art motorcycle technology including developments in engine and suspension systems. It contains a specialist section devoted to off-road models.

ISBN 096504503X

At last, an actual workbook for the road racer and sport rider that details the process of high speed thought. Hundreds of questions aimed at solving the barriers of speed allow you to dissect your riding and pinpoint problem areas. This book elevates road racing into its proper place among the most demanding sports in the world. Here, the dynamic relationship between the rider and road is defined and ordered into a useable form.

ISBN 0760320365

Whether you are an experienced rider wishing to enhance your techniques or a new rider seeking skills and safer motorcycling, taking the IAM's advanced test really does make sense. In addition to making you a safer and better rider, with heightened road sense and greater enjoyment in daily motorcycling, there is the benefit of a detailed analysis of your road performance by an examiner who is the holder of a Police Advanced Motorcycling Certificate. This official manual has been revised and reprinted to meet the demands of motorcyclists seeking expert advice and information to stay safe on ever more congested roads. It tells you how to be an advanced motorcyclist - and throws down the ultimate challenge of becoming one.

ISBN 1873756801

Well structured, easy to follow and I like the new chapter on medical advice, very thorough and easy to understand for the layman. Some great tips I'd not thought of!

ISBN 0965045013

A step-by-step easy to use manual that tells motorcycle riders -- novice or veteran -- everything they need to successfully ride, race and improve their riding skills. Keith Code is the founder and director of the California Superbike School, the only high performance riding school in America. His school has taught thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts -- from beginners right through to nationally contracted factory riders. Keith's own superbike racing career has included sponsorship by Yoshimura, Racecrafters, Vetter and Kawasaki.

ISBN 0965045021

This second volume uncovers and traces the direct links between man and machine. Keith's unique ability to unravel complexities and establish simple, essential principles, provide both street and race riders with real tools to think about, and understand for themselves the problems of riding. The author says: "The ten years since the publication of TWIST OF THE WRIST have been exciting ones for motorcyclists. That volume was my first attempt to create a 'technology' of riding: I knew there was one, it was simply a question of finding it. But TWIST OF THE WRIST II contains more real riding technology and addresses the source of our classic rider problems."

ISBN 1859834477

ISBN 0140054103

I was fortunate enough to be lent this book and have never forgotten it since. It has to be one of the best travel experiences I have ever read and I have read a few. This book is awe inspiring as Ted manages to capture his every thought/feeling as he travels around the globe encountering some mind boggling people and places. I truly felt I was there with him. A very, very difficult book to put down. You must read it to experience it.

ISBN 1844252361

Here is a glorious photographic biography of arguably the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. Over 250 fabulous full-colour photographs capture the larger-than-life character of one of the world's most charismatic sporting personalities, both on- and off-track. Rossi's life is charted from his earliest days, following in his racer father's wheeltracks, his graduation through the ranks, winning the 125, 250 and 500 World Championships, to his domination of the 200mph MotoGP class, first with Honda, then in 2004 with the previously underperforming Yamaha squad. A visual treat for all who appreciate Rossi's talent and take on life in this age of conformist motorsport personalities.


Long Way Round documents the adventures of film stars Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, Star Wars) and Charley Boorman on their 20,000 mile motor bike trip around the world. Departing from London on 14th April 2004 the pair travelled through Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada arriving in the USA just over 3 months later. Along the way the intrepid pair encountered Kalashnikov-toting gangsters and extreme cuisine, survived numerous motorised scrapes often whilst traversing non existent roads days from the nearest hospital and found themselves alarmingly close to a hungry grizzly bear. They arrived at their final destination, New York, on 29th July and this DVD release with companion soundtrack tells the story from the eyes of the two film stars.

ASIN B00032Q5B8

Exposes the differences between road bikes and Rossi's race machine. Also includes technical information about each of the seven MotoGP 4-stroke bikes.

ASIN B0002W188Y


WAll the bikes and riders from the 2004 MotoGP class
The key teams from the 250cc and 125cc classes
Online play for up to 8 riders
Arcade battle mode
Brand new training mode with ghost
New upgrade system throughout the season
Better replay function
New rider animation system inverse kinematics
Improved trackside graphics
New helmet view


37.73 miles of dangerous, intense racing through blind bends between stone walls; Race bikes enter from all classes, ranging from 125cc to F1 1000cc monsters; On Red Bull Mad Sunday take to the road against on-coming traffic!; Arcade and Challenge Modes allow you to compete with real TT racers whilst practicing your skills in Master Classes; Race against your friends in a two-players split screen race
Tutorials take the player through every corner of the course; Silky smooth 60fps; Riders and Superbikes respond precisely to controls with fully dynamic physics model; Circuits have been re-created using the latest surveying equipment, allowing us to recreate the track to near perfection!


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